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Minwook Paeng (b. 1993, South Korea) is an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in London. Holding a Master's degree in Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc) from Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, Minwook brings a unique blend of artistic and engineering perspectives to his creations. His academic journey includes a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Chung-Ang University.

His creative focus centers on addressing contemporary social issues, conveying profound messages through a diverse range of mediums. With a keen eye for transforming everyday objects into thought-provoking pieces, he draws empathy through unique interpretations. Additionally, Minwook applies his engineering understanding to craft objects based on a scientific approach. Acrossing the boundaries of multiple fields, Minwook engages in the creation of artworks that tackle social issues. His perspective extends to the development of sustainable cooling devices, as well as the creation of artificial shells from bio-materials. Through these innovative endeavors, he seeks to impart a meaningful impact on society. One of his standout works, <The Third Eye>, has captivated audiences worldwide and garnered significant attention from distinguished media platforms, including Reuters, SKY News, WIRED, and ABC News. This particular piece showcases his ability to converge artistic expression with societal commentary.

Recognized as an award-winning designer, Minwook won the Gold prize at the IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) in 2022. His work was selected as the top 30 entries, recognized for its innovation, functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Further highlighting his achievements, he was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2023. This accomplishment solidified his position as a pioneer in the intersection of art, design, engineering, and social impact.

If you're interested in collaborating with Minwook or learning more about his work, feel free to reach out to him via email or Instagram direct message.

Work Enquiries


Royal College of Art
MA Innovation Design Engineering 2020-2022
London, UK

Imperial College London
MSc Innovation Design Engineering 2020-2022
London, UK

Chung-Ang University
BA Industrial Design 2012-2020
Seoul, South Korea

Lecture & Seminar

Chung-Ang University Industiral Design, Lecturer
Samsung Design Membership Intensiv course, Mentor
CAU Speculative / Experimental design process seminar, Visiting Lecturer
Samsung Art and Design Institute, Visiting Lecturer
Hongik University Design Engineering, Visiting Lecturer(TBD)

Central institute of technology Kokrajhar, Visiting Lecturer
SADI x TUKorea x SWU, Visiting Lecturer
Imperial College London DE4, Visiting Lecturer
Chung-Ang University Industrial Design, Visiting Lecturer

Hongik University Design Engineering, Visiting Lecturer
Hongik University Studio I, Visiting Lecturer
RCA x ICL Innovation Design Engineering 1 Gizmo module, Speaker
SCI event Bright SCIdea Challenge 2022, Speaker


Forbes Asia Summit 2023
Forbes 30 Under 30 - Class of 2023
Superpower Design Exhibition: Centre d’innovation et de design

IDEA Awards Gold prize
IDEA Awards Finalist
Dezeen Awards Sustainablity Longlisted
Royal College of Art Graduate Show
Imperial College London Graduate Show
Mayor’s Entrepreneur Semi-Finalist
Venture Catalyst Challenge(VCC) Top25
RCA X ICL Work in Progress(WIP) Show

Pokemon Scholar (25K GBP funding)
19th London Design Festival (RCA X OPPO winner of the year)

Future Museum Exhibition
PI Exhibition

K Design Award Winner
Korean Pinup Concept Design Awards Finalist

15th Seoul Design Festival
Korean Pinup Concept Design Awards Gold prize